Cap Collectif Developers - GraphQL API


This part of the schema is currently available for developers to preview. During this preview period, the API may change without any advance notice. Please see Schema previews for more details.

A proposal decision.


createdAt (DateTime!)

Identifies the date and time when the object was created.

decisionMaker (User!)

The last updated by a decision-maker.

estimatedCost (Int)

The estimated cost of the related proposal in €.

id (ID!)

The proposal's decision id.

isApproved (Boolean!)

The current state of the decision.

officialResponse (OfficialResponse!)

The related official response.

post (OfficialResponse!)

The related official response.

Deprecation notice

Field "post" will be removed, Use "officialResponse" instead.

proposal (Proposal!)

The related proposal.

refusedReason (ProposalStepStatus)

The step's related status assigned to the proposal.

state (ProposalDecisionState!)

The current status of the decision on the proposal

updatedAt (DateTime)

Identifies the date and time when the object was last updated.