Cap Collectif Developers - GraphQL API


Cap Collectif provides an API to read and write data.


This is an HTTPS-only and POST-only API. All API requests are made to


Authentication is based on API Keys. Each API Key is associated with a user. Results returned from various responses are based upon the role of the user to which the API key is tied.

  • ROLE_USER indicates that this field can only be access if authenticated.
  • ROLE_ADMIN indicates that this field can only be access if authenticated as an administrator.

Your API Keys

Right now, you can't generate an API Key. Contact our API team if needed.

How to use an API Key

To make an authenticated query, add an Authorization header with content "Bearer token". Example using cURL :

curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" -H "Authorization: Bearer token" -X POST -d '{"query":"query viewer {\n viewer {\n id\n username\n }\n}"}'

Rate limits

We currently have no rate limits, but this might be coming soon.

About the GraphQL schema reference

The docs in the sidebar are generated from our GraphQL schema. All calls are validated and executed against the schema. Use these docs to find out what data you can call:

You can access this same content via the Explorer Docs sidebar. Note that you may need to rely on both the docs and the schema validation to successfully call the GraphQL API. For other information, such as authentication and rate limit details, check out the guides.

Requesting support

For questions, bug reports, and discussions about API development contact our API team.